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We just concluded Epe Tech Camp

Epe Tech Camp is the Andela for local communities. It is a project based on a love for community development and a zest for achieving the SDGs 4, 1, and 9th goals.
Our primary purpose is to create a transformed and interconnected city where innovative products and services thrive.

Flip through these pages to read a comprehensive report of our last project in Epe, Lagos state.

We are the Furst Spark of your
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We’re robots who help you with your start-ups. Okay, we are not robots, we are humans who use H.I (High Intelligence) to collect data on what you do, and we use that to decide what you should do next for your start-up to start growing…and we do all that with content. Yea, content

Our solutions

Content Production

Talking about start-ups and every single content they need to scale

Digital Solutions

So, you want to find out ways you should not get stuck in 2000A.D?


What are you doing not learning how to learn in this economy?

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We help you to grow faster and better

For any business, no matter its stage of growth, we have the content and digital marketing solutions that can help you reach your goals.

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Without Furst Spark, we would not be able to support our customers in real-time with the efficiency that we do now. The integration with our app makes the process seamless for our customers.

Ebuka Edwin

CEO, Givvie

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Since 2014, we have worked with over 200 clients across different industries and our team has become well-known for its expertise in delivering high-quality work in branding, digital marketing and content creation.



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We have created tailored solutions for your brand at the most affordable rates. If you think we are bluffing check somewhere else close to Africa, say the US, where they offer great content for budding startups. Iffahear

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Ideal for start-ups who want to build their communication plans from the ground up but are just starting.


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If you want to build a solid brand experience for your users, while communicating in the most effective ways



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You are not just building your brand, you are also expanding your users base and want to penetrate other markets.


Which locations do you cover?

We are based in Lagos, Nigeria, and we are happy to work with clients anywhere in the world. We particularly enjoy working with local companies in West Africa and visiting client offices in the coolest and greenest parts of the region.

Do you work with agencies?

We are happy to work with other agencies to offer a broader range of services. If you’re interested in working together, get in touch.

What tools do you use?

We have a number of software licenses for industry-leading tools. We don’t tend to use a single tool or a standard set of tools, because we find it is best to use whatever is the best tool for a job, rather than just whatever we happen to have access to.

Does ranking first on Google cost so much?

Marketing budgets are not the only factor when it comes to search engine optimization—great, original content might get your site ranked higher than a big company as well.

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