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5 Ways to Become Tech-Wise

This is the in thing now, it is no longer about your expertise in Microsoft Suite. It is more about the guys who can create with codes. But is that all there is to tech? No, tech is important, you just need to learn how to use it to upgrade your current skills and there are various way you can do it at your own pace


You can easily get started with tech by taking self-paced courses on the site for free.

Whether you want to become a developer or a data scientist, you can easily get started on


From graphics design to Project Management, you can learn different tech related courses on Udemy starting from just $10.


If you want to cross to a new career or advance in one, you can easily achieve that by taking courses on and get certified by global universities from $59.


This is just like coursera, it mixes use of video with text for easy learning, you can audit courses for free or you can get certified from any global university from $150.


This is an opportunity to study what you love while applying tech and be better positioned to take on jobs in the global market. There are only 4 available courses and classes starts February 2022. Check to learn more.

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