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Attend this digital marketing training if you want to learn how to code, interested in graphic design or curious about social media/digital  marketing? We have the perfect camp for you! Join us this summer at Epe Tech Camp 

AUGUST 26TH - 31ST, 2022

Training Schedule

Opening Ceremony

Great speakers are lined up to show you possibilities that exist in the world of tech and how you can take your place. You will also network with fellow tech enthusiasts and the gurus.

Participants at Epe Tech Conference by Furst Spark


The career clinic is a session where you dicover possible career paths, how to write your CV and coverletter and position yourself for growth in any field


This will take place for 3 days and you will learn any of the listed courses including Graphics Design, Coding, Digital Marketing, etc. 

Participants at Epe Tech Conference by Furst Spark
Attend this Digital Skill Training in Epe

Epe Tech Community Launch

At the closing ceremony, you will be awarded certificates and given an opportunity to join the Epe Tech Community where you will learn more and access better tech opportunities.

the Speakers

Alex Oyebade speaker at Epe Tech Conference

Alex Oyebade

founder, GROOMLY
Dolapo Akinbisola speaking on working remotely at Epe Tech Conference

Dolapo Akinbisola

Growth and Strategy, FUZU Africa
Adeteniola Olorunfemi speaking at Epe Tech Conference on Writing Great CV to land better jobs

Adeteniola Olorunfemi

FOUNDER, PWT Consultancy
Oluranti Owoseeni speaking at Epe Tech Conference on How to get into tech without coding

Oluranti Owoseeni

Peter Holzer speaking on how to transition into tech jobs at Epe Tech Conference

Pete Holzer

Nath Aghraghra speaking about Purpose at Epe Tech Conference


epe tech camp

training schedule

Meet New People
Meet young people of like minds and grow your network at Epe Tech Camp
Gain Digital Skills
Learn the skills that can help you get better jobs
Start Now
Transform Your Life
Learn life changing strategies that can help you gain better edge in your career
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  • School of Purpose
    School of Purpose $2000

    How to discover purpose
    How to start living with intentionality
    How to become influential in any field

  • Transitioning into Tech
    Transitioning into Tech $650

    Basic skills requirements of tech jobs
    Available jobs in tech
    Jobs for non-techies in the tech space

  • Career Clinic
    Career Clinic $1000

    How to prepare for International Jobs
    Where to find remote jobs that pay well
    How to land remote jobs

  • Introduction to Coding
    Introduction to Coding $180

    Elements and structure of HTML
    How to create and add forms
    How to create and add tables

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Introduction to Digital Marketing $90

    How to take businesses online
    How to Brand your business for online success
    Steb-by-Step of Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
    Introduction to Graphic Design $120

    Principles of Design
    Elements of Design
    Structure and features of Canva

Day 3

  • Introduction to CSS
    Introduction to CSS $210

    Elements of CSS
    How to add color, images, maps, and fonts to your webpage
    How to Change Fonts

  • Introduction to Copywriting
    Introduction to Copywriting $115

    Introduction to SEO
    Introduction to email marketing
    Introduction to Marketing Content Creation

  • Create Your First Designs
    Create Your First Designs $320

    How to create Social media flyers
    How to create an event flyer
    How to Create a Business Card

Day 4

  • Introduction to Javascript
    Introduction to Javascript $450

    Elements of Javascript
    Adding functions and features to your website
    How to host your website

  • Automation Tools for Digital Marketing
    Automation Tools for Digital Marketing $390

    Google Analytics
    Meta Business Suite
    How to create a digital marketing strategy

  • Design for Print
    Design for Print $400

    How to create a simple book cover
    How to create a Tshirt design
    How to Create a letterhead design

  • Project Showcase
    Project Showcase $600

    Coding class project showcase
    Digital Marketing project showcase
    Graphic Design project Showcase

  • Career Prep
    Career Prep $1000

    How to write a winning CV
    How to tailor your CV for various roles
    How to optimize your LinkedIn

  • Epe Tech Community Launch
    Epe Tech Community Launch $0

    Latest members unveiling

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