Favemgold bistro

Asking if Nigerians take coffee is like asking if Nigerians are hardworking.


What we did

Favemgold is one of our esteemed clients, thriving in the fast food restaurant niche in Ondo State. 

We are so elated to be their first contact when they decided to turn their idea into a business.

We worked with them in testing and validating their idea, developing their unique business model and walking them through the registration process of their business.

We also developed its brand identity and some marketing materials including  video ads.

The Brand Development Journey

It's Coffee O'Clock!

Favemgold is ready to tap into an existing market of early risers and coffee lovers in Nigeria starting from Ondo State where budding entrepreneurs and corporate workers who are dedicated to what they do reside. 

The company is beyond just serving coffee even though it wants to be known for its finest blend. It also aims to create a thriving community of productive individuals; when anyone thinks of having a productive day, they must have a vision and feeling of the Favemgold experience. 



Acceptance. warmth. productivity.

To create this, we needed to use symbols and colours that promote warm feelings and satisfaction, and our best pick was coffee brown and orange. The logo comprises of a cup of coffee and wheat plant to show the company serves more than just coffee.

We also created a landing page for the business on a third party hosting site while we worked fully on their branding materials including banner, stationery, apron, packaging, and social media pages, which we managed for 2 weeks.

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