Once upon a time, there were properties, and people lived in them. 

We entered that space and created a connection that makes properties living things that are more interactive.


What we did

GW360NG is one of our esteemed construction and real estate clients. 

We carried out a total overhaul of their brand. We designed a new brand identity (logo, signage, stationery, etc) that portrays their values and uniqueness.

We worked with them through the consultation phase till the product development phase. We designed their website, well, on a third party hosting, they are working on moving it soonest.

We also developed their brand voice, and helped them create two unique product lines that are currently boosting their pipe-line.

The Brand Development Journey

Interactive properties for the now.

GW360NG was simply a real estate company that carried out other properties services such as logistics, repairs, etc on an occasional basis until they contacted us for transformation of their brand.

GW360NG plans to explore the advantages of technology in its operation while developing a culture of building for the future, now. 

The company newly introduced interior design, logistics and maintenance services, virtual tour of their properties, construction and integration of smart homes, e-tracking of property development for their clients anywhere in the world and online booking for logistics services with the goal of attracting more technologically savvy people and those who have lost trust in the regular property development contractors, with its new offers and processes.


The good, the better, and the future

Coming up with the brand identity that portrays everything the company represents was a very beautiful task. We needed to create what portrays competence and innovation around the core service of the company – properties.

Hence, the bulb, which represents innovation, the four square windows, which represented the 4 core values of the company and makes the innovation homely, and the two lines which forms the roof, completing the power and meaning of the bulb.

We used orange, to depict creativity and appeal to vibrant minds who desire excellent actions.To further establish the dynamism of the company, we combined two powerful and neutral colors to depict the integrity and elegance the company imbibes while dealing with clients.

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