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What you need is help from people who can do what you can’t do all by yourself

Startups, no matter the stage

Say hi to Furst Spark, your content solutions provider. We give you more time to focus on your product while we draw and implement strategies that will take it to those who need it.

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Content Production

Need an idea brought to life? An image that speaks a thousand words? A message that catches fire? Furst Spark is your spark generator. With creative projects in the web, video, and social sphere, we’re ready to light the way.

Digital Solutions

Business owners, do not get stuck in the past. Let's be your guide in getting the most suitable solutions for your business to start running smoothly.


Improve your start-up success chances with the Furst Spark - a training program to improve your marketing and sales skills, customer retention, customer loyalty and other courses that will fuel your Spark's discovery.

Client testimonial

"Furst Spark has a team of professionals that are fun and nice to work with. They challenge you to get the best from you, and focus on the most important things to make it happen. I'm really happy with our new brand, and I recommend Furst Spark to anyone who needs a brand overhaul."
Ayooluwa Adedayo
Dunney Dahoy Founder

Dunney Dahoy had a very stunning virtual relaunch with the aid of digital strategies, all implemented by our awesomely creative team

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