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Oluranti Owoseeni

Oluranti Owoseeni

She calls herself a Business Farmer as she helps businesses improve their processes and increase their growth in sales, profit, and impact.

falade moyosoreoluwa

Moyosoreoluwa Falade

I am currently in the Digital Marketing Sector as a content writer, a digital marketer and a product marketer for a number of technology -centric start-ups across various fields. .


Founder, Granja Foods


I am the founder and business development partner of Winkleaf Inc; an event digital media company that is helping event organisers manage their event media effectively.

I am a public speaker and entrepreneur who is passionate about leadership and social impact. When I was just 17, I founded a leadership youth organization and led this group to impact thousands of lives positively over 10years.

I am an accomplished public speaker with nearly 21 years of experience in this field. I have addressed national and international audiences on issues ranging from leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship.

In line with my commitment to help businesses achieve their goals more efficiently, I delved into management and business development consultancy upon completing my tertiary education. For the past 12 years, I have consulted with many public and private business institutions while recording remarkable success.

Digital Strategist & Multi-Media Producer


Damie as fondly called is seasoned content creator, a YouTuber, podcast producer and web designer with over 5 years of Brand Communication experience.
She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mass communications with public relations/ advertising being her area of specialization.
Having worked in top advertising, media production and business development agencies where she led various advertising campaigns, Damie took the plunge to follow her passion for online media and media production and founded Goldcrust Media. 

Kemmal Onuoha

Business Consultant / Business Developer

I am Kemmal Onuoha, a Business Management Consultant | Conference Speaker| Sales Strategist.   As a young professional with a vast array of work experience in major sectors like the Oil and gas, Education, Business Management and Technology. I have proficiency and competence in Consulting, Business Development and Planning, Sales strategist, Design Thinking, Problem Solving and Customer Relationship Management, which has successfully led to a good business relationship with our clientele.  
As a Business Consultant, I have worked with over a 100 businesses ( start ups and Medium Enterprises) in the areas of Business planning, Structure and Systems Development, Strategy, Design Thinking and Fund raising. Also, I’ve helped a couple of businesses apply and won grants from prestigious organizations like the Tony Elumelu Foundation. 
By virtue of my work experience, I have worked with Indigenous  and multinational clients like Enyo Retail, PetroCam, Rainoil, Pinnacle, Total Nig Ltd, Addax Petroleum, Dangote Group, Smartflow Technologies, Perchstone Group, Ultimus Holdings, Datacrest Limited, Soarbond Limited, Immerse Autos, TSL and a host of others.

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